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Terms & Conditions

NC Architecture are bound by the Code of Practice of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Charges are calculated on the basis set out in the fee appointment letter and/or email and shall reflect the terms agreed with the Client, which will be one of the following: a percentage of the building cost set out in the RIBA Publication “Guidelines for Clients on Fees”; an hourly rate, or a lump sum.
The Services offered are based on the RIBA Conditions of Engagement, which can be viewed on

Hourly rates are set to take in account the nature and complexity of the project. Rates quoted are reviewed annually and charged as follows:

Director – POA
Senior Architects – POA
Architects / Designers – POA
Technicians / Admin – POA

These hourly rates may be varied by agreement.
Lump Sum Fees: Where a Lump Sum Fee is to be paid at agreed intervals, relative to all Local Authority and/or RIBA Work Stages, if the project does not proceed to an actual finished Work Stage Submission, for whatever reason, then NC Architecture can determine the percentage of work completed, to be paid in full to that requisite Work Stage. Time spent travelling to and from destinations in connection with the project is charged at the full hourly rate.

The Contract is between the Client and NC Architecture (the Client is the body who instructs NC Architecture to carry out the work and if that body is acting on behalf of another party and/or company then that body is deemed liable). If the Company has limited liability and is deemed by NC Architecture not to have finances sufficient to meet its commitments, then all Directors are severally liable.

VAT will be applied at the standard rate on all invoices rendered, covering fees and disbursements. All fees and charges submitted by sub-contracted specialists and by prior agreement with the Client shall be the responsibility of and payable by the Client. All Local Authority fees and charges shall be the responsibility of the Client, if NC Architecture meets these charges, these will be reimbursed by the Client in full on receipt of invoice. An admin charge of £25.00 is made for each payment met by NC Architecture, on behalf of the Client.

NC Architecture will use their best endeavours to meet an agreed programme for work, but cannot accept any responsibility for costs incurred as a result of delays caused by the Client, contractor or others.

Should delays to the Contract be determined by NC Architecture as the responsibility of contractor and/or Client or other, NC Architecture reserves the right to charge additional Post-Contract fees pro-rata for the extended time of the program, up to PC (Practical Completion as deemed in the Code of Practice).

Expenses will be charged for the following, in accordance with the scale of rates in force at the time of the Contract:

  • Photocopying and plan printing: see following disbursements.
  • Photography: on a cost / film / printing / quantity basis, price varies.
  • Ordnance Survey plans: subject to size / format, price varies.
  • Purchase of documents, papers and publications e.g. local plans: at standard rates.
  • Travel – including, where relevant, rail fares, taxi fares, cost of air travel, fixed car mileage rate (which is reviewed annually) and parking charges: at standard rates.
  • Courier charges or other special delivery charges: at standard rates.
  • All Local Authority charges for Pre-Application meetings, all Submissions, presentations and documents or research of files: at standard rates.
  • Accommodation – only when an overnight stay is necessary or cost-effective, plus subsistence.
  • Charges for Transatlantic and abnormal length telephone calls: at standard rates.
Accounts are normally submitted by invoice advice on an interim basis for payment within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed. Under the terms of the Housing, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 Part II and the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, the Practice reserves the right to add interest to accounts outstanding after 28 days at 8% above Bank Rate. The Practice, unless by other agreement, will cease to continue to work upon projects where there are accounts outstanding after 30 days, or before the expiry of such a period in the event of the Practice having a reasonable suspicion that the Client is, or is about to become, insolvent i.e. unable to pay debts as they fall due.

Disbursement Charges
A0 Prints – £2.50
A1 Prints – £1.50
A2 Prints – £1.00
A3 Prints – £0.30
A4 Prints – £0.20
A1 Colour – £7.50
A2 Colour – £5.00
A3 Colour – £3.00
A4 Colour – £2.00

Car Mileage Rate: 45p per mile. All publications referred to are available from RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London.


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